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Benefits of a digital detox for revising

It’s that time of year again: deadlines are looming, you’re trying to revise and you want to ace your exams!

You’re going to tackle that tricky maths equation in a minute, as soon as you’ve replied to Ben’s WhatsApp. Actually, you should probably update your Facebook status to let everyone know how hard you’re working, and you need to find out who’s going to the party on Saturday.

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Come to think of it, you have so many notifications on your phone, maybe you should put off revision until later...

Does that sound familiar? If so, check out these top facts on why taking a digital detox by having a break from your digital devices during revision week can help you get the grades you deserve! Share these tips with your friends and let them know how much of a difference it made to your studies. ­­Here are the benefits of doing a digital detox for revising...

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Benefits of a digital detox for revising

1. It will increase your confidence

By taking a break from surfing the net and checking social media accounts, you will focus on your own life instead of other people’s lives. The more time you can spend on improving yourself, the happier and healthier your life will be.

2. It will increase your focus and concentration

If you’re trying to solve problems and understand new or complex information, you need your brain to focus on one thing at a time. If you can hear the alerts arriving on your phone then you will be distracted, even if you don’t read them! Let your brain do its job, focus on the important things and don’t get side-tracked.

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3. Your memory will improve