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Our mission

Educo London is an innovative e-learning company with a goal to empower people to become lifelong learners to improve their cognitive ability, mental wellbeing and overall pursuit of happiness.


Our experienced and expert tutors are trained to promote a growth mindset in our students and to use an active learning approach, which puts students at the centre of their learning journey.

What we do

Happy Student

We aim to fill gaps in learning for our students through one-to-one lessons.

We create bespoke lesson plans for each student and the sessions are structured according to the student's needs and requirements.

We cover:

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3


A Level

English as a Second Language





Anchor 1


One-to-one tuition provides approximately five additional months’ progress on average


Active learning increases learners' motivation to learn and builds self-confidence


Online learning may increase retention rates by as much as 60% compared to the 8-10% retention rate of typical classroom training


Personalised learning can improve achievement for students, regardless of their starting level of achievement

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