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We teach students how to think positively and learn effectively

Struggling grades and low confidence? We provide the perfect blend of expert subject knowledge and mindset coaching to help students thrive.

Studies show students with a strong growth mindset will score significantly higher in all subjects that their peers. Our unique approach combines expert tutoring with mindset coaching to improve your child's academic potential.

We are Educo London - a place where students who lack confidence can achieve a growth mindset and improved grades.

Learning can be a challenge, particularly if your child feels unmotivated or lacks a clear study plan. We're here to take that worry away and empower your child with the resilience and confidence they need to excel in life.

Mindset Coaching

Dive into our Mindset Coaching and watch your child tackle learning with newfound confidence! It’s all about turning "I can’t" into "I can!" – transforming challenges into victories and lessons into fun, engaging experiences. With us, your child learns how to embrace growth, stay resilient, and keep a positive attitude toward learning. Curious to learn more? Click below and let’s get started on this exciting journey together!

Academic Tutoring

Step up your child’s learning game with our Academic Tutoring! It’s like having a personal learning guide by their side, making tough subjects easier and homework a breeze. Our tutors are here to help your child master any subject, boost their grades, and build solid study habits. It’s not just about the grades; it’s about truly understanding and enjoying the learning process. Ready to give your child the academic edge? Click below to explore our tutoring programs!

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More about our founder

Nemesha Bala, founder of Educo London and an award-winning journalist, has a unique blend of educational and professional experiences, making her well-suited to guide students in their academic journeys. Facing challenges during her transition from A-Levels to law studies at university, Nemesha overcame initial setbacks by adopting new learning strategies, leading to impressive academic achievements, including a first-class distinction in her dissertation.

Her subsequent career in journalism, working with leading UK media, further developed her skills in communication and critical analysis. These experiences have shaped the philosophy of Educo London, which emphasises resilience, adaptability, and growth-oriented strategies for academic success. Educo London aims to do more than teach; it seeks to empower students, equipping them with skills for academic and personal success.


Educo London, under Nemesha's guidance, offers support for students at crucial academic transitions, utilising her extensive experience and success-driven approach.

Get to know us better

My daughter is using them for her GCSEs. Tutors are brilliant, understanding, patient and very flexible and who don’t mind ‘silly’ questions. Nemesha is always responsive and happy to help.
Great tutor, very knowledgeable and skilled, my son was lacking on grades and team really helped him to achieve 8 / 9 . I recommend them for GCSE levels.

Hina Khan, UK

I like the way of teaching, the friendly approach and I can choose most convenient time for me. The tutor is very kind, organised and the English class is very well structured.
She really gets my son and he really enjoys it.

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