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In our 8-week advanced Python course, you'll explore Python's utility for web development, starting with the basics of Flask to build your own web application. Next, you'll dive into the world of databases, understanding SQL and Python's interaction with SQLite and SQLAlchemy. Further, immerse yourself in asynchronous programming, mastering Python's asyncio library. Your learning journey culminates with a capstone project integrating all the concepts learned, leaving you with a complex web application showcasing your advanced Python skills. This journey will solidify your Python expertise, making you proficient in web development, database interaction, and asynchronous programming.

Course price: £595
Pay in full or in two instalments 

Week 1-2

Introduction to Python

Introduction to Flask, creating a simple web application.


Expected Outcome: Understand the basics of Flask and web development with Python.

Week 3-4


SQL basics, SQLite in Python, ORM with SQLAlchemy.


Expected Outcome: Understand and use SQL databases with Python.

Week 5-6

Asynchronous Programming

Introduction to asynchronous programming in Python, asyncio library.

Expected Outcome: Understand and use asynchronous programming techniques.

Week 7-8

Capstone Project

Guided work on a comprehensive project integrating all learned topics (like a full-stack web application).

 Expected Outcome: By the end of the advanced course, students will have an in-depth understanding of Python, will have experience with web development, database interaction, and asynchronous programming. They will have a complex project that demonstrates their advanced Python skills.

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