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Embark on a coding adventure with our engaging 8-week Python course. Start with syntax basics and craft your first scripts, then explore control flows, built-in data structures, and defining functions. Learn to handle files and exceptions, and get acquainted with key modules and libraries. Culminate your learning journey by applying your newfound skills in a mini-project. This transformative journey ensures a strong Python foundation, empowering you to step confidently into the world of coding.

Course price: £595
Pay in full or in two instalments 

Week 1 

Introduction to Python

Python syntax, variables, basic data types (strings, numbers, booleans), basic operators.

 Expected Outcome: Understand the basics of Python and be able to write simple Python scripts.

Week 2

Control Flow

Conditionals (if, elif, else), loops (for, while).

Expected Outcome: Understand how to control the flow of a program using conditionals and loops.

Week 3

Data Structures

Lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries - basic operations, methods, and common use cases.

Expected Outcome: Understand and be able to use Python's built-in data structures.

Week 4


Definition, arguments, return values, variable scope, recursion.


Expected Outcome: Understand how to define and use functions.

Week 5

More on Functions

Common built-in functions, lambda functions, understanding errors.


Expected Outcome: Be able to utilize built-in functions and lambda functions, and understand how to debug a program.

Week 6

Modules and Libraries

Importing, common built-in modules (e.g., math, datetime).


Expected Outcome: Understand how to use modules and libraries.

Week 7

File I/O and Exception Handling

Reading from and writing to files, basics of error handling.

Expected Outcome: Understand how to handle files and exceptions in Python.

Week 8


Guided work on a small project incorporating everything learned so far (like a text-based game or simple data analysis).


Expected Outcome: By the end of the beginner course, students will have a strong foundation in Python, having learned syntax, data structures, functions, modules, and exception handling. They will have a small project that demonstrates their understanding of these concepts.

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