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Embark on a journey deeper into Python with our 8-week intermediate course. Begin with a comprehensive understanding of Object-Oriented Programming, focusing on classes, objects, and inheritance. Next, venture into advanced Python concepts like iterators and decorators. Learn to work with powerhouse libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib, essential for data computation and visualization. The course concludes with a mini-project, applying all the acquired knowledge. This journey will leave you adept at object-oriented programming, advanced Python concepts, and key Python libraries, evident in your completed project.

Course price: £595
Pay in full or in two instalments 

Week 1-2

Object-Oriented Programming

Introduction to classes, objects, methods, inheritance, and encapsulation.

 Expected Outcome: Understand and use Python's object-oriented features.

Week 3-4

Advanced Python Concepts

 Iterators, generators, decorators, list comprehensions.


Expected Outcome: Understand and use these advanced Python concepts.

Week 5-6

Working with Libraries

Introduction to NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib.


Expected Outcome: Understand and use these Python libraries for numerical computation and data visualisation.

Week 7-8


Guided work on a project using OOP and libraries (like a simple data science project).

 Expected Outcome: By the end of the intermediate course, students will be comfortable with object-oriented programming, will know advanced Python concepts, and will be familiar with important Python libraries. They will have a project showcasing these skills.

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