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Unsure about online tutoring? We answer your concerns

Online tutoring isn't a new concept. The idea of teaching online has been around for years, but as we're forced into homeschooling the demand for online tutors has increased. There are, however, still concerns from parents and students about how it works, whether it's worth the money and whether it is as successful as tutoring in person. So, we decided to answer all your questions and debunk any myths surrounding online tutoring. We've collaborated with vlogger and online tutor Holly Gabrielle, who has over 300,000 YouTube subscribers, to address your concerns.

Does the style of tutoring differ online and in person? 

Not really, our tutors are flexible and have worked in both a traditional classroom setting as well as online.

They are still teaching the same content at the same pace online, however, they are required to be more creative and to use interactive tools.

On Zoom, which is the chosen method of communication for the online classes at Educo London, tutors can share their screen with the student if they want to explain a topic or share a diagram.

Additionally, there is a virtual whiteboard function, so the student can still interact with the tutor using their mouse or a track pad and pen.

For online group lessons, tutors can mute the students so there is no interruption or distractions. The tutor can see all of the students in small video tabs, so if someone raises their hand, the tutor can unmute them and answer their queries.

Can internet connection be an issue with online tutoring?

We understand that everyone's internet connection will vary. For this reason, we are very flexible with our class start and end times. We ensure all students get their 60-minute lesson, even if the internet connection drops during a class.

Our tutors are passionate about teaching, so they are very accommodating to everyone's personal circumstances.

At Educo London, we also run a short test session with the student before they sign up to classes. We check whether their audio and video settings are optimised for them to get the most out of the lesson.