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How to recognise loneliness among young people

As we enter summer, uncertainty remains over whether school children will spend the rest of the year studying from home. Students have already missed out on months of the school year, and as a result many are spending less time socialising and more time alone.

It is important to recognise signs that someone is withdrawing and feeling lonely, so we have put together some tips for recognising loneliness and some tips on how to help them.

Loneliness is a feeling

Often when we’re feeling lonely, we’re not actually alone. Something triggers a memory of that feeling. When you’re feeling like this, try to identify all of the people you have in your life whether they are friends, family members or acquaintances. You’ll soon realise you are not alone.

Reach out and speak up

A feeling of loneliness could cause someone to withdraw from those around them, and shift their focus to their own thoughts and feelings. Try to lean on your loved ones for support. Sharing how you’re feeling could alleviate a lot of the stress and pressure you are putting on yourself.

Keep busy

Feeling needed or as though you are serving a purpose can be a great way to combat the feeling of loneliness. Taking on tasks that require you to work with others is also a useful way to maintain social interaction. Identify ways you may also be able to help others, can you get involved in a community project or volunteer?

Try new things

There are plenty of classes and fun resources online. Try a few different activities out until you find one you like. It’s a good way to connect with others online whilst you are at home, and you could find people that share similar hobbies and interests.

You are not alone

Everyone gets lonely at times. It’s a normal part of life, and one that will pass. Do not give yourself a hard time about feeling lonely and try to implement a few of the above suggestions to help get rid of the feeling.

If you are still unsure about how to help a loved one, you can find more information on



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