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How to make the most of online learning

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How to make the most of online learning

1. Set goals

In order to study effectively online it’s really important to set goals. If you have decided to study a Biology topic in the morning, write down what you want to achieve by the end of the study session. For example, “I want to understand transport in cells”. Goal setting will enable you to keep a track of what you’re learning.

2. Create a study schedule

Without a plan of what you want to learn and when, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. A study plan helps you maximise and prioritise the areas that are urgent or the most important. A good way to create a plan is to list all of the subjects you need to study, figure out what you need to do for each subject/exam, prioritise your list and then finally divide your available time during the week into study blocks.

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3. Internet

A good internet connection is a must when it comes to online learning. If you’re participating in a video call with a tutor or a group study session and you find that your internet connection is slow, a good tip is to remove your video function. This should help speed up the connection. Ideally, find a place in your house that has the best connection and set up a study area for yourself there. It’s important to avoid getting distracted on the internet too. Only have your study documents open, that excludes YouTube and Facebook!

4. Mobile Phone

If you’re using a desktop computer or a laptop, put your phone on silent or place it in another room to stop the temptation of wanting to use it whilst studying. If you must keep your phone next to you for whatever reason, put it on airplane mode. This will prevent you receiving calls and messages and accessing apps whilst you’re studying!

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5. Breaks