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Good study habits to help you succeed

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Good study habits to help you succeed

1. Get organised

When you’ve got a mountain of revision to get through, the last thing you want is to waste time looking for your notes. Before you even get started, spend some time organising your work using ring binders and notebooks. When learning new topics in class or by watching an online tutorial, it’s helpful to write the date and topic on the top of your page. It’ll make it easier to find your notes when you need them and will help form good study habits to help you succeed.

2. Understand your learning style

We all absorb and understand information differently. Some of us are better listeners, while others prefer visual aids. In order to get the best from your study sessions you’ll need to identify what type of learner you are. This is a really useful test that takes just a couple of minutes: click here. Once you have done this, there are also some useful study techniques that can help you.

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3. Designated study area

One of the most important reasons for having this is that it improves concentration and sharpens the mind. If you sit in the kitchen or on your bed, you’re likely to find distractions or get interrupted by other people at home.

4. Study timetable

This is very important as it helps to maximise and prioritise your subjects and topics in order of urgency and importance. It will ensure you cover everything and you’ll be less likely to forget a topic. A timetable will improve your time management, increase efficiency and will help with your organisational skills in general.

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5. Positive frame of mind