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This is a constant work in progress. We understand that our motivation can fade throughout the course of the school year, however, our tutors are passionate about what they do and will set time aside to help students set goals and introduce a variety of teaching material to keep them engaged.

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It's a fact that when students are engaged and motivated they are able to absorb, understand and process information effectively and retain it in their long term memory. That is why we go that one step further to ensuring our students enjoy their education with us.



Trust means a safe and comfortable learning environment for our students. It means they can learn and grow without fear of judgment. They know the tutors and staff have their back and are willing them to succeed and we continually strive to facilitate these relationships through open communication.



Achieving creates personal satisfaction for students, and motivates them to continually seek improvements and ways of doing things better. It helps to build confidence, a positive mentality and enables them to set new goals and challenges. 

High Fives


 Students who can explain concepts to one another strengthen their own learning, which is a skill they will carry forward throughout their academic careers. It also allows them to motivate one another, engage in thinking that builds on other ideas, both of which help to enhance their own understanding.



Confidence plays a huge part in learning. Believing in your ability to do something enhances your ability to do it. We understand the importance of instilling confidence in our students through positive affirmations, individual feedback and flexible teaching. Confidence will allow our students to engage fully in lessons, enjoy the process and to be more relaxed.