Hinesh Patel

BEng (Hons), MSc

Hi! I'm Hinesh, the founder of Educo London. 

Welcome to my story.

I didn't learn to study, I mean really study, until I completed my Masters in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering at University College of London at the age of 23. 


It took me years of trial and error to refine my learning techniques and to approach exams with confidence. I used to find group lessons intimidating and was nervous to share my ideas in front of my peers. 

This is why I'm so passionate about creating a positive environment where students can feel empowered to learn, enthusiastic to debate topics and become armed with the tools they need to tackle the academic world! 

The best time to adopt this mindset is when you're young.


I spent several more years after my Masters undertaking a Clinical Scientist Programme in Bioinformatics. Working within the NHS has also helped me further understand that learning goes beyond a textbook and is impacted by physical and mental wellness.

I love teaching and devoted many years to doing so early in my career, so now I want to combine everything I've learned and share it with a new generation of leaders and thinkers!


At Educo London, we offer a fresh approach to tutoring and I strongly believe the education we provide can inspire our students to achieve great things in their revision, exams and life beyond that.

I want to share my years of experience with a new generation of leaders and thinkers

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