Our values underpin everything we do to inspire our students to become lifelong learners





We find out everything we can about the student from our very first conversation. The purpose of this is to understand the student's learning style and to ascertain what gaps in their learning need to be filled. Our tutors use this information to create bespoke lesson plans and content for the student. We want our students to feel comfortable and confident during their lessons in order to get the most out of them.

Delivering lessons to students is a team effort. Once a student is working with their designated subject tutor, our guidance doesn't end there. The management team at Educo London speak to the tutors on a weekly basis to get updates on students' progress. If there are any questions or concerns from the tutors, we share these with the student's parents and find a solution. We can be contacted by parents as often as required!

Our lessons improve more than students' academic grades. Attending our classes and completing homework, in addition to managing other extra curricular commitments and school, requires good time management and organisational skills. Our tutors are trained to use an active learning approach in lessons, boosting students' problem-solving and communication skills.

Regular feedback from the tutors helps students build their confidence and become self regulated learners. They are able to plan their own tasks, monitor their performances and reflect on the outcomes. This in turn will help students feel motivated and develop a more purposeful approach to learning. These experiences will prepare them for life after school by teaching them to adapt and seek out learning opportunities.